miercuri, 16 decembrie 2009

Artificial Spring

vineri, 27 noiembrie 2009

The Cat...

Ciudata, dar mi-a placut!


Astazi, 27 Noiembrie 2009, am fost scoasa din casa pentru a merge in celalalt capat al orasului la targul de carte Gaudeamus. Ma gandeam ca nu va fi nimeni. M-am inselat. A fost foarte aglomerat si nu a lipsit nici Herta Muller, care ne-a intampinat la intrare de pe un afis mare cat casa in fata caruia stateau 3 persoane ce-i citeau, cu voce tare, cartea. "Publicul" asculta incantat.
Pana una alta, m-am bucurat ca am gasit niste lucruri "de colectie" foarte dragute, pe care le voi face cadou,iar Andreea de asemenea si-a cumparat niste minunate chestiute.
La ora 17.30 a inceput o prezentare de carte, la Editura Nemira, la care am asistat si noi. Fosta profesoara de romana(Madalina Moraru - "Mit si Publicitate"). Minunat! :)

duminică, 8 noiembrie 2009

sâmbătă, 7 noiembrie 2009

duminică, 1 noiembrie 2009

Sunt Roman!

Asa, si?
Astazi i-am facut poze varului meu pentru un concurs la gradinita, pe tema 'Sunt Roman!'
Pam Pam!
Asta a iesit :

P.S. : Multumim Andreei pt drapel!

miercuri, 21 octombrie 2009

King of Fashion

Even before his untimely death, it was quite apparent that Michael Jackson was having his moment in fashion (most notably witnessed in the recent Balmain collections). Now that he’s left us, the sartorial tributes will surely escalate.

The fall fashion lineups have taken a cue from his 80s style with sequins, military jackets, skinny silhouettes, exaggerated shoulders and excessive zippers. They seem to be everywhere you look. And, you can bet that Michael is looking down from a much more clear vantage point than his closely-guarded life allowed him to, finally realizing that his legacy will live on forever with bits and pieces of his contributions scattered throughout our fashion and music.

Michael’s fashion sense was brilliantly translated to a female perspective in a Grazia layout shortly after his passing (below images courtesy of delightful). Each look is clearly referencing key moments in his career yet it doesn’t feel dated. The new versions of the 80s and 90s themed outfits have been updated and cut to reflect the current landscape of fashion. Still, the influence remains poignantly on target.

Rock with You

In his later years, Michael was often spotted in pajamas and baseball caps but too often he wasn’t given enough credit when he made the effort, stepping out in of-the-moment fashions from top houses including Balmain and Givenchy. He was one of the very few celebrities, male or female that could wear an item directly off the runway and into real life (well, as real as it could be for someone with his level of fame).

A studded Givenchy jacket for a day out with the kids; mixing and matching seasons of Balmain; he was still in touch with popular fashion. And it makes sense that he was since it was heavily referencing his style.

He had a knack for interpreting fashion that is rare. The clothes never wore him. He wore sequins better than anyone else. Liza, Liz and Liberace had nothing on him. Even when he was wearing an extreme costume (gold lamé and space inspired for instance), we didn’t think twice. He could make the truly outlandish garb seem somewhat wearable. Maybe it was because we didn’t really think that he was from this planet anyway.

The true innovators (music, dance, fashion, art in general) always seem otherworldly .They couldn’t possibly be human. They aren’t like us. And then, one day when they are no longer alive, we realize that they were human all along.
Some photos are from HERE.

marți, 20 octombrie 2009


" Un oras mai bun, o viata mai buna! "
Desi pare ciudat, aceasta este tema unui concurs pentru elevii din scoli si licee. Cred ca organizatorii au fost prinsi de spiritul campaniilor electorale. Pana una alta, "micii artisti" (adica eu) sunt intr-o pana totala de idei. Trist!

sâmbătă, 10 octombrie 2009

Jessy Dixon. Bucuresti. Sala Palatului.

Concertul a fost minunat! Stiam ca este vorba de o legenda a muzicii gospel, dar nu ma asteptam ca la 71 de ani, Jessy Dixon, sa fie atat de energic si glumet. Publicul l-a apreciat, dar ma asteptam la un mai mare entuziasm din partea lor, cam saraci in reactii...
Pana una, alta, a fost o seara minunata si nu regret deloc alegerea facuta! ;)
Have fun!

Evenimentul s-a terminat cu melodia 'Heal the World', minute bune Jessy, Paula, publicul, si corul au cantat 'For you and for me!'. Special.